Why do you want my phone numbers?
I don't, but our delivery people do. Whoever delivers the furniture often needs a number, if you have just popped out to get the kids from school, or if it is a new house without the postcode on Sat Nav. Usually if we have the number, we don't need it: if we don't have the number, we do need it. 
How long will delivery take?
If you order a small item it is usually dispatched on a Thursday for delivery to you on a Friday. It is a 24 hour service, but the 24 hours only starts from when we dispatch the goods, NOT WHEN YOU ORDER THEM. I will send you an email saying it has been dispatched with City Link, it will then be delivered to you the next working day.
With larger items or large orders we use Palletline or Wrexham Storage (one of our companies). Palletline are on a 72 hour delivery, but this starts the day after we dispatch, so when I send you an email saying it has been dispatched with Palletline, it will be 4 working days later when it arrives.
Both City Link and Palletline offer other services e. g. timed deliveries but there is an extra charge for these services.
If it goes out on a Wrexham Storage van I will email you with a delivery date, and if it is an early delivery a time, but after the first two drops it is impossible to give a time because of traffic or weather conditions.